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EA Nigeria Community


We envision a cultural environment where resources are distributed effectively for maximum impact through evidence-based and rational approaches.


Our Mission is to create an altruistic, informative, and supportive community that uses evidence-based reasoning to distribute resources effectively.  We aim to provide a supportive environment and excellent resources to enable such a community.

What We Do

Education and Skilling - Up:  We run an Intro program, workshop, reading, or discussion session on relevant topics, ideas, or initiatives to increase member understanding and facilitate learning and/or skilling-up.

Guidance and Networking:   We guide members to achieve maximum impact by providing guidance to clarify their intentions and direction. We also connect members with relevant resources and create opportunities for networking and collaboration through 1-1 sessions, newsletters, social and meetup events, and retreats.

Community Growth: We conduct outreach to reach our target audience in some promising universities and locations to grow our community while improving the infrastructure of existing members.

Our Team

EA Nigeria Team

Motiloluwa Abiola



Daniel Ebali Obakas

Community Associate

EA Nigeria Team

Alimi Salifou


EA Nigeria Team

Zakariyau Yusuf


EA Nigeria Team

Mubarak Adebayo


Our Values and Priorities

Evidence-driven: We strive to be driven by evidence and use data-driven approaches to guide our actions, priorities, and commitment.

Openness: We commit to open truth-seeking, seek out other opinions and listen to them when necessary, and it matters. We aspire to update our views and action or event pivot if solid arguments or evidence emerge against ours and ask help for improvement.  

Entrepreneurial: We are committed to testing alternatives, learning, and implementing the findings, which means continuous learning and iterative improvement.

Collaborative Spirit: We affirm our commitment to creating a friendly, open, and welcoming environment. A place where various approaches can thrive and different perspectives are evaluated based on their merits. By treating them kindly and respectfully, we encourage collaboration and cooperation among individuals with diverse backgrounds, worldviews, values, and identities.

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