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Although many attempts to do good have failed, some highly effective efforts remain. By carefully considering the most effective ways to channel our resources, we can make a greater impact in addressing the world's most significant issues.

Effective Altruism 

Effective altruism is a project that aims to find the best ways to help others and put them into practice. It’s both a research field and a Practical community that seeks to identify the world’s most pressing problems and the best solutions and use those findings to do good.

Effective Altruism Nigeria is a national chapter of the global Effective Altruism Community in Nigeria.

What We Do

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infrastructure and structure


This includes skilling workshops, introductory program, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing sessions.

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engagement and

This involves connecting the community with relevant connections and opportunities, information such as through retreat events, newsletters, and one-on-one sessions. 


Outreach and growth

 Our outreach efforts include engaging with campuses and hubs, online presence, and via our organized events. 

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